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I have been the unofficial baker at work bringing in all my cookie experiments as they started to develop. My amazing co-workers at Kalama Intermediate all pitched in and surprised me at a faculty meeting with my first mixer along with a beautiful heartfelt poem. It's a big school of over a 100 people yet they managed to kept it secret for almost a month while they collected donations for my the gift. I work with the most thoughtful and kindest teachers, admin and staff. They are my co-workers, my friends and my family. I am truly blessed. Mahalo Kalama Intermediate.


Maui Cookie Lady Maui Cookie Lady and Father 2 


Poem Written by Claire Bediamol from Kalama Intermediate & presented with staff gift of the mixer. Mahalo Claire, Bobbie, Val, Zelda for organizing, Gail Hamai (of Hamai Appliance) with the purchase of the mixer and for helping me accomplish my life long dream of creating my cookie concoctions full of love.